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Website : www.drone-copilot.com

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I have created an App for iOS and Android called “The Drone-CoPilot”. The App is using an interactive checklist so that the pilot flying can concentrate on safely and responsibly piloting his aircraft whilst the virtual Drone-CoPilot (App) will make sure that the pilot flying does not forget anything.
This App is special and unique because globally there is not a single, independent App which solely focusses on safe flying this way.
Just like the professional aviation this App works like the “Challenge & Response” method during different phases of the flight which results that only the checks that matter at that stage will be questioned.
The App works with dynamic templates and supports most of the well-known Drones (like Yuneec and DJI models) out of the box. By using a community (Forum) owners of other type and brand can submit their own checklist for their aircraft. My goal is that the App at least supports the top 10 of the most sold drones.